Erich Goldmann (b. 1968, Austria) is an artist working at the intersection of installation, film, photography and performance. Living and working in the vicinity of Linz for several years.


Goldmann co-founded the advertising agency ‚reklamebüro‘ in 1993, specializing as a communications and graphic designer with an emphasis on corporate events and film projects. Since 2006, his freelance projects include: “Jabberwocky” and “The Mystery of Enchanted Cars”- installations & exhibitions with Toxic Dreams in OK/Linz, the 2011 Donau Festival Krems, city-specific projects in Mostar and Belgrade in collaboration with Michael Strohmann & Momo Subotic, and a variety of film projects in festivals across Europe.
Works in close collaboration with performance artists, in the translation and interpretation of their works as photographs, films and installations. With very few exceptions, Goldmann has collaborated as the exclusive photographer and filmer for SIGNA’s work since Seven Tales of Misery in 2006, and is an essential contributor to the representation of their work.


Photo by Özlem Cosen at Club Inferno by SIGNA

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